I won't add anything to what I've already mentioned here about my feelings when i comes to visit such a place.

Nor to mentioned that I went there with a small bag filled with my old Nikon F3 and a couple of rolls of T-Max 400 only. Here I am, in another "botanic one".

For those who might be interested the "botanic one" is the botanic garden of Meise, near by Brussels. Worth the tour, with kids as well, and there's a nice pavement area with few interesting beers :)

Since a B&W film is not the most convenient tool to shoot thousands shades of...green, I didn't take that many pictures.Still, there's a huge so called "plant palace" that recreates four (or five, can't recall) climates in as much pavilions, stuffed with billions of plants. Funny for an hour or two. Anyway, here are few pictures I took there:

Made new friends here
Probably died of an overdose of nature. Just kidding, the kid's fine.